SecurAcath: the device that lengthens catheter life


This is a safety device designed to fix short or long-duration implanted catheters and prevent their migration from the insertion point.


The SecurAcath safety device fixes to the catheter insertion point with small solid anchorage legs, positioned in the subcutaneous tissue. The catheter is held in the axis of the body of the SecurAcath device. It is used in substitution of sutures or adhesive strips to fix catheters. It does not require changing, remaining for the useful life of the catheter.

The material composition of SecurAcath is the following:

  • The anchor legs are made of nitinol (nickel-titanium alloy)
  • The device’s body is made of polyurethane and the channel where the catheter is placed is elastomer.
  • SecurAcath is latex-free.

The characteristics of the mechanism are:

  • The device is 3 cm long and 2.6 cm wide.
  • The width of the anchorage legs is 1 cm.
  • SecurAcath is suitable for Magnetic Resonance.
  • It is sterilised with ethylene oxide (EO).
  • Single-use device, no not re-sterilise or reuse.

SecurAcath has a useful life of 2 years and should be kept at room temperature.

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