Cardiva’s offices in Portugal, Italy and China boost the company’s growth


Andalusia is experiencing all-time highs in international markets with record levels of exports exceeding €30 billion in 2017. This is due to the success of Andalusian companies such as Cardiva, which has become a leader in foreign markets in the manufacture and marketing of medical equipment.

It extensive and versatile product portfolio, ranging from sterile surgical scrubs and cloths to surgical packs for operating theatres, using a range of textiles and disposable materials, has enabled Cardiva to enter international markets despite competition from large multinationals.

The economic crisis was the driving force behind the company’s internationalisation process. Cardiva started to look to other nearby markets such as France, Portugal and Morocco. Today, 37% of the company’s revenue comes from exports to international markets including Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Lebanon, Kenya, Chile and Brazil.

Its head office is located in Malaga in the Andalusia Technology Park (PTA). “The arrival of the Andalusia Technology Park was a major milestone for Cardiva as it has enabled us to boost our productivity and internationalisation”, explains Francisco Roca Quero, Technical Director of Cardiva. This success has led the company to set up offices in countries such as Portugal, Italy and China.

As part of its internationalisation process, the Cardiva team places great importance on participating in trade shows and conferences, and has received the support of the Andalusian Agency of Foreign Promotion (Extenda). “International trade shows are essential for Cardiva for finding potential clients and presenting new products to the market”, explains Ignacio Vega Martiarena, Head of Exports at Cardiva.

The company’s future plans include keeping its head offices in Malaga while expanding its business with regional offices in Portugal, Italy and China, enabling the company to enter different markets and offer new products to the sector

Source: Extendaplus