Anaconda ™ endovascular graft system

Fenestrated Anaconda ™ is indicated for the treatment and repair of aneurysms of the juxta- and suprarenal-abdominal aorta.

Its innovative technology of Nitinol stents in the form of rings, together with a flexible bifurcated body, provide a sealing system that naturally adjusts to the patient’s anatomy.

It is completely repositionable, allowing for its correct placement, especially useful in the treatment of complex anatomies.



  • Material: Polyester and nitinol.
  • Non-supported body: greater area available to locate fenestrations, allowing an adapted design.
  • Completely repositionable during deployment.
  • Ease of access: open proximal stents allowing access to upper and lower fenestrations.
  • Patented system for magnet-assisted cannulation of the contralateral branch.
  • Trial test with personalised aneurysm mould for each patient.


  • Adequate access to the iliac or femoral artery: bifurcated body profile between 20F and 23F; branch profile 18F.
  • Native iliac artery diameters of 8.5 – 21.0 mm.
  • Length of distal fixation ≥20 mm.
  • Morphology adequate for endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR).
  • Compatible with guide of 0.035″.
  • Different sizes and lengths, available according to the reference chart.


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