AngioSculpt XL

Scoring Balloon for ATP

Angiosculpt XL is a dilation balloon on which Nitinol filaments prepared in a helicoidal shape were incorporated. It is indicated for the treatment of stenotic lesions mainly of the iliac and infrainguinal sectors and of the renal arteries, and for obstructive lesions of arteriovenous dialysis fistulas. In addition, it is suitable for the preparation of the artery prior to the use of drug-eluting stent or balloon.


  • Nylon balloon, wrapped in nitinol helicoidal filaments.
  • Precision: less slipping of the balloon, which means less risk of damage to healthy tissue. Precise and effective 360º dilation.
  • More dilation strength: the main edges are designed to drive the expansion force to the outside, with a strength 15-25 times greater than a conventional balloon.
  • Low dissection and perforation rate.


  • Compatible with guides of 0.014″ and 0.018″.
  • Introducer sheath of 5F and 6F, depending on the balloon's dimensions.
  • Diameters available between 2 and 8 mm.
  • Balloon lengths of up to 200 mm.

Specifications and references according to catalogue.