DELTAFILL™Microcoil 10 system DELTAWIND

Deltawind Technology


Deltawind Technology


  • Primary Outer Diameter = 0.0105”
  • The innovative technology of the DELTAWIND Microcoil presents an exclusive complex primary wind.
  • Rounded wind with triangular form that creates hundreds of microbend points.
  • Ability to change in any direction every ¼mm.
  • Designed to find open spaces and fill them.
  • Designed to pack uniformly.
  • The uniform distribution of the coil facilitates a greater packing density.8


Catalogue Nº Diameter Length
DLF100154 1.5mm 4cm
DLF100208 2 mm 8cm
DLF100250 2.5mm 10cm
DLF100258 2.5mm 8cm
DLF100308 3mm 8cm
DLF100310 3mm 10cm
DLF100408 4mm 8cm
DLF100410 4mm 10cm
DLF100510 5mm 10cm
DLF100515 5mm 15cm
DLF100612 6mm 12cm
DLF100616 6mm 16cm
DLF100716 7mm 16cm
DLF100720 7mm 20cm
DLF100820 8mm 20cm
DLF100925 9mm 25cm


DELTAFILL™Microcoil 10 system DELTAWIND specifications sheet