DELTAFILL™Microcoil 18 system DELTAWIND

Deltawind Technology


  • Primary Outer Diameter = 0.015”
  • DELTAFILL microcoils 18 system presents the innovative DELTAWIND technology in wider and longer sizes, designed for a more efficient filling.
  • Larger coil OD of the 18 system allows a greater filling volume by centimetre compared to smaller system coils.
  • Longer lengths of coil up to 60 cm designed to achieve a more complete packing potentially using fewer coils.
  • Designed to be smother than our previous 18 System coils.
  • Designed to maximise packing density and coil uniformity.



Catalogue Nº Diameter Length
DLF180312 3mm 12cm
DLF180415 4mm 15cm
DLF180520 5mm 20cm
DLF180625 6mm 25cm
DLF180733 7mm 33cm
DLF180835 8mm 35cm
DLF180935 9mm 35cm
DLF181040 10mm 40cm
DLF181242 12mm 42cm
DLF181445 14mm 45cm
DLF181650 16mm 50cm
DLF181855 18mm 55cm
DLF182060 20mm 60cm
DLF182260 22mm 60cm
DLF182460 24mm 60cm


DELTAFILL™Microcoil 18 system DELTAWIND specifications sheet