DELTAXSFT™Microcoil 10 system

Deltawind Technology


  • Primary Outer Diameter = 0.0098”
  • DELTAXSFT microcoils combine the exclusive DELTAWIND technology with our softer platinum 0013” guidewires providing softness and exceptional conformability to the microcoil.
  • Designed as an “Authentic 10 System” microcoil, DELTAXSFT combines softness with a more exact tolerance to help fill the narrowest open spaces.


Catalogue Nº Diameter Length
DLX100151 1.5mm 1cm
DLX100152 1.5mm 2cm
DLX100153 1.5mm 3cm
DLX100201 2 mm 1cm
DLX100202 2 mm 2cm
DLX100203 2 mm 3cm
DLX100204 2 mm 4cm
DLX100206 2 mm 6cm
DLX100254 2.5mm 4cm
DLX100256 2.5mm 6cm
DLX100304 3mm 4cm
DLX100306 3mm 6cm
DLX100406 4mm 6cm
DLX100408 4mm 8cm


DELTAXSFT™Microcoil 10 system specification sheet