Resascope epiduroscope with 4 entry channels and 2 exit channels for different tools

RESASCOPE is a video-guide catheter that serves as a flexible fibreoptics vehicle and is used for exploration and interventions in the epidural space.

Designed for epiduroscopy: percutaneous and minimally invasive procedure of the vertebral canal allowing a direct display of the epidural space. The system optimises the use of specific surgical instruments for interventions in the pathological structures of the epidural space.

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  • New design.
  • Innovative blocking system.
  • Collection of washing fluid.
  • Three entry channels for tools.
  • 360º navigation.


  • New manoeuvrable design that facilitates use during the introduction and positioning of the catheter.
  • Possibility for blocking at both axes: the system allows the user to set the tip at the desired position in order to facilitate an easier and more precise use within the epidural space with the RESAFLEX and RESALOON tools.
  • Designed with 2 channels: one for saline infusion for washing of the epidural space, thus improving visibility, and a second one for collection of the fluid. The kit includes a bag allowing the option to more accurately measure the outgoing volume.
  • Three entry channels for insertion of flexible optic fibre and other tools (RESAFLEX, RESALOON), thus needing less workspace in the epidural space.
  • Precise and careful navigation, manoeuvring the tip with a 360º rotation using controls of the body of the epiduroscopy for a perfect view of the work zone.