Advance DBS systems by ST. Jude Medical
Advance DBS administer long-term treatment, minimising interruptions of therapy and possibly reducing the amount of surgical interventions for IIG replacement:

  • The Brio™ rechargeable IIG administers a minimum of ten years of sustained bilateral treatment with high stimulation values, without a deactivation date imposed by the manufacturer.
  • The LibraXP™ bilateral IIG has the highest capacity non-rechargeable battery of its category: 40% more than its closest alternatives
  • The Libra™ IIG is an excellent option for the smallest patients, those who need a unilateral implant or those that, needing a bilateral implant, would benefit from the flexible programming and confidence that two independent IIGs provide.


• Uni- or bilateral stimulation through bilateral electrodes with ActiveTipTM technology.

• The stimulator keeps a high level of current throughout the duration of the stimulation impulse, adapting the voltage to changes in resistance of the surrounding tissues, which guarantees a consistent stimulation in time.

• The system sends a safety alert through the medical programmer if values that could produce potentially dangerous current densities are selected (>30 µC/cm2).

• Optionally, the patient can vary the stimulation amplitude within the limits pre-set by his/her doctor during programming.

• The elastic electrode extensions increase their length up to 16% in order to be adapted to the changes proposed by the patient and to avoid ruptures.

• Pocket adaptors for connection to electrode systems of other manufacturers.



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