GALAXYG3™Microcoil 12 system

Conformability with Efficiency


  • Primary External Diameter = 0,012”
  • Efficiently and densely pack aneurysms with a highly conformable, complex, coil design, the System 12.
  • Improves the complex coil design with a track record of outstanding packing density and low reintervention rates.7
  • It adapts to the actual shape of the aneurysm and seeks open space to fill concentrically from the periphery to the core.
  • Tight Distal Loop (TDL) technology: in all GALAXY G3 4 mm diameter coils and larger, the first loop of is smaller by a third than the marked diameter of the coil, and is designed to facilitate the anchoring of the coil in the aneurysm.



Catalogue Nº Diameter Length
GLY120202 2 mm 2cm
GLY122505 2.5mm 5cm
GLY122535 2.5mm 3.5cm
GLY120306 3mm 6cm
GLY120308 3mm 8cm
GLY123509 3.5mm 9cm
GLY123575 3.5mm 7.5cm
GLY120407 4mm 7cm
GLY120410 4mm 10cm
GLY120412 4mm 12cm
GLY120510 5mm 10cm
GLY120515 5mm 15cm
GLY120610 6mm 10cm
GLY120615 6mm 15cm
GLY120620 6mm 20cm
GLY120715 7mm 15cm
GLY120721 7mm 21cm
GLY120815 8mm 15cm
GLY120824 8mm 24cm
GLY120925 9mm 25cm
GLY121030 10mm 30cm
GLY121230 12mm 30cm


GALAXYG3 Microcoil 12 system specification sheet