GALAXYG3™XSFT Microcoil 12 system

Conformability with Efficiency


  • Primary Outer Diameter = 0,012”
  • Patented complex shape with random break points, delivering a unique ability to seek out and fill open spaces at the end of a procedure.
  • It achieves greater smoothness using a 0.0015” guidewire, smaller than the GALAXY G3 standard microcoils (0.002”).


Catalogue Nº Diameter Length
GLX120201 2 mm 1.5cm
GLX120202 2 mm 2cm
GLX1202041 2 mm 4cm
GLX1202061 2 mm 6cm
GLX1202081 2 mm 8cm
GLX122505 2.5mm 5cm
GLX122525 2.5mm 2.5cm
GLX122535 2.5mm 3.5cm
GLX120304 3mm 4cm
GLX120306 3mm 6cm
GLX120308 3mm 8cm
GLX123505 3.5mm 5cm
GLX123509 3.5mm 9cm
GLX123575 3.5mm 7.5cm
GLX120406 4mm 6cm
GLX120408 4mm 8cm
GLX120410 4mm 10cm


GALAXYG3™XSFT Microcoil 12 system specification sheet