Self-expanding nitinol stent system

iVolution is an open-cell, self-expanding nitinol stent (nickel-titanium alloy) designed to reach its maximum diameter once implanted in the artery.

It exercises a homogeneous and constant radial force on the artery wall in order to keep it open.

The stent is supplied on a triple-sheath coaxial catheter. The handle has a safety mechanism that must be withdrawn in order to release the stent. There is a dual release system: slow, through scrolling, or fast, making a pull-back.

The entire system ends in a smooth, atraumatic tip in order to avoid damage to the artery during the procedure.


  • Controlled and precise release: 3-sheath design, with two radiopaque markers that outline the length of the stent, and another mobile marker on the sheath.
  • Dual-release system: scroll, for a slow and precise release, or pullback for a quick release.
  • Innovative design: open-celled design of short length, continuous structure, without bridges. Homogeneous radial strength, anti-kinking.
  • Perfect balance between adaptation ability (flexibility) and radial strength.


  • Recommended guide: 0.035”.
  • Recommended introducer: 6F.
  • Recommended catheter guide: 8F.
  • Stent material: Nitinol.
  • Wall thickness: 180-190 microns.
  • Shortening < 4%.
  • Circumferential radial strength: 0.120 mN.
  • Catheter lengths available: 80 and 140 cm.
  • References available according to the table: