MICRUSFRAME™S Microcoil 18 system

Structure & Stability


MICRUSFRAME S system 18 Spherical Stretch Resistant Coil

  • Primary Outer Diameter = 0,015”
  • Combines the structure of a framing coil and the conformability of a filling coil.
  • Stable, predictable frame leaves an open internal core ready for the next coil.
  • Designed to be a robust scaffold with optimal neck coverage that reduces the possibility of frame deformation or coil protrusion.6


Catalogue Nº Diameter Length
MFR180510 5mm 10cm
MFR180612 6mm 12.2cm
MFR180714 7mm 14.3cm
MFR180813 8mm 13.6cm
MFR180830 8mm 30cm
MFR180915 9mm 15.3cm
MFR180933 9mm 33cm
MFR181017 10mm 17.1cm
MFR181034 10mm 34cm
MFR181118 11mm 18.9cm
MFR181137 11mm 37cm
MFR181220 12mm 20.7cm
MFR181240 12mm 40cm
MFR181343 13mm 43cm
MFR181447 14mm 47cm
MFR181550 15mm 50cm
MFR181647 16mm 47cm
MFR181750 17mm 50cm
MFR181846 18mm 46cm
MFR181950 19mm 50c




MFR182050 20mm 50cm


MICRUSFRAME S 18 system specification sheet