Intracranial device for bifurcations

Pulserider® is a self-expandable Nitinol implant designed for the treatment of complex aneurysms.

The Pulserider® device acts as a bridge through the neck of wide-necked aneurysms that arise near the vessel or in its bifurcation itself.


  • Flexible design that allows you to navigate through winding anatomies with control.
  • Self-expandable nitinol implant with multiple shapes and diameters.
  • Arch is conformable and adaptable to all anatomy types.
  • 90% less metal on the artery wall than using a double-Y stent.
  • Allows use of the same techniques for embolisation of aneurysms as used with the double-Y stent technique.
  • Able to be repositioned.


  • 8 radiopaque markings for precise positioning.
  • 3 differentiated areas: arch, central zone and anchors.