Cobalt-chrome peripheral stent system

Restorer is manufactured from a cobalt and chrome alloy known as L605, and designed to be implanted in arteries of different diameters.

The stent comes pre-assembled in a release system, and is implanted in the lesion through inflation of a balloon located at the most distal end of the catheter.

The catheter has a double lumen, with two entry ports at the most proximal end: one will house the guide, and the other will serve as a canal to inject the contrast that will inflate the balloon located at the most distal end.

The entire catheter is coated homogeneously, with a silicone-based lubricant coating, in order to minimise friction and facilitate navigation through the vessels.

Its use is recommended with guides of 0.035″.


  • Improved traceability thanks to its unique and flexible design.
  • Increase in the crossing capacity in difficult lesions thanks to the low thickness of the cells.
  • Excellent radial force with less metal.
  • Reduction in restenosis thanks to the metal’s quality. Ultra-smooth, electro-polished surface.


  • Stent material: CoCr L605.
  • Semi-compliant balloon.
  • Rated pressure: 10-12 atm.
  • Burst pressure (RBP):
    • 16 atm for stents of up to 8 mm diameter
    • 14 atm for stents of 9 and 10 mm diameter.
  • Compatible with 6F introducer.
  • Recommended guide: 0.035”.
  • Balloon deflation time < 30 s.
  • Catheter lengths available: 80 cm and 140 cm.
  • Different sizes and lengths, according to the reference chart.