The technique tackling neuropathic pain


1 in 3 Andalusians and 34% of Spaniards suffer daily pain. This is a datum from the Pain Barometer Report conducted by the Voltadol group.

In the following interview, done by Andalucía Directo (Canal Sur), we can see the advances being made in Andalusia in this regard.

Dr Jesús Maldonado, a specialist pain treatment physician at the Hospital San Cecilio in Granada, presents the technique that could tackle neuropathic pain: medullary stimulation as a technique to reduce this pain.

The technique consists of introducing an electrode into the medullary-cervical canal of the patient. Once this electrode has been placed, if all goes well, another operation is performed to implant the impulse generator (PROCLAIM™ ELITE IIG). This is introduced into the abdominal region and connected, within the body, to the electrode coming from the cervical zone. Once this has been done, the patient can control the intensity of the pain via their mobile phone.

This application against pain is changing the lives of many patients that were previously incapacitated by these ailments.

Video of the interview:


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