CR Electrode – Cannula

RF CR Electrodes enabling a rapid and simple treatment, reducing treatment time and maximising precision during intervention.

These electrodes are disposable, have a 5 mm active tip, and in general are used for facet denervations with RF without heat control and pulsed treatments on Dorsal Root Ganglia (DRG). Each electrode perforates the tissue in a simple manner without the need for the introduction of additional conductor cannulae or electrodes, reducing the interruption of the needle position during injection.

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  • Electrode cannulas without temperature control with incorporated conductor cable.
  • Active tip of 5 mm and 23 G thickness.
  • Long and flexible port or line for medication permitting the placement of the medication in the desired location.
  • Handling with discrete, ergonomic design for clear fluoroscopic views.
  • Marker that indicates the direction of the bevel opening on the active tip.
  • Variety of lengths available: 6 cm, 10cm and 15cm.


  • Usually used in treatments without temperature control both for spinal nerves (Dorsal root ganglion, DRG) and peripheral nerves (supraescapular, knee, tibial, femorocutaneous, gluteal, etc.)
  • Ideal for use in selective blocks and in RF lesions in the lumbar-sacral region and for peripheral nerves.