Cosman brand G4 radiofrequency generator with 4 channels and tactile screen

The G4 radiofrequency generator is the most advanced on the pain market in its new version with regard to safety and characteristics, obtaining 4 simultaneous radiofrequency lesions with 4 tactile screen graphics that show the parameters necessary for the proper implementation of the technique.


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  • 4 simultaneous treatment channels.
  • Personalised programmes.
  • Monitoring of temperature.
  • Ability to carry out a multitude of treatments.
  • Data storage and export.
  • Touch screen.
  • Several options for generator operation.


  • Allows 4 radiofrequency treatments at the same time, offering an outlet for 4 electrodes available for radiofrequency systems with and without temperature control.
  • Possibility of operating up to 100 personalised treatment pre-programmes with the option to adjust all technical parameters.
  • Monitoring of temperature for functioning electrodes (up to a maximum of 4) with a range between 10 and 100ºC, verifying all outlets of the electrodes and the dispersive plate.
  • Possibility of conventional and pulsed radiofrequency as well as bipolar radiofrequency with 4 electrodes (2 by 2)
  • Allows collection, storage and exporting through USB port of the parameters of each radiofrequency procedure.
  • The entire radiofrequency process (sensation and motor stimulation, as well as impedance, temperature, voltage and time) can be comfortably and securely carried out from the 12” colour touch screen
  • The generator allows its conventional use through buttons such as “one touch” commands for all procedures by touch screen, a very practical option for health care personnel working in a sterile environment.