The Resadisc device is an electrode with an active bipolar tip that uses QMR technology to perform disc decompression or the remission of disc protrusions. Disc decompression using QMR is achieved without causing ionic agitation, preventing cellular overheating. The molecular bonds disintegrate at low temperature, preserving the integrity of the adjacent bonds.

QMR® technology: Quantum Molecular Resonance

The Resadisc bipolar device bases its operating principle on innovative high-frequency QMR® technology. The combination of various harmonics (4.8, 12 and 16 MHz) generates the precise energy capable of breaking the molecular bonds of the nucleus pulposus and allows disc decompression. QMR® technology ensures the extreme precision of the treatment, localised to a working area at the distal tip of the electrode.

Usual indications:

The Resadisc device allows the treatment of degenerative disc pathologies at lumbar region levels such as:

  • Disc protrusions.
  • Contained hernias.
  • Radicular pain caused by compression/irritation of the spinal nerve.

Characteristics and advantages

This technology presents a series of attributes that position it on the market as a unique alternative for minimally invasive disc decompression.Resadisc application

The Resadisc Kit (Ref: RDL-01) consists of:

  • Bipolar electrode for disc decompression with safety device.
  • 17G introducer needle.
  • Nitinol conductor wire.
  • Trocar needle with 11G cannula for microdiscectomy.

SAFE procedure:

  • Therapy capable of preserving the structure of surrounding tissues.
  • Treatment precision: decompression effect limited to a 1 mm perimeter from the tip of the electrode.
  • Safety device in the electrode so as not to go beyond the treatment zone.

Efficient technology:

  • Reduces operating times, where other interventions last more than an hour, Resadisc completes it in approximately 30 minutes.
  • Rapid recuperation of the patient’s daily activities. Resadisc reduces recuperation times by up to 50% in the majority of cases.

SIMPLE intervention:

  • Bipolar device with a minimally invasive focus. There is no need to use a dispersive plate and the procedure is highly protocolised so as to minimise risks and maximise results.
  • Rapid learning of the surgical technique. The learning curve is very rapid since the approach is percutaneous and the fluoroscope positions are well defined.

Very VERSATILE device:

  • Possibility of performing a microdiscectomy and histological extractions. Thanks to the use of the multiuse grasper device, we can eliminate disc tissue very precisely without the need for open surgery.
  • Integrable with endoscopic technology.

More information

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