Resaloon 2

It is a catheter with an inflatable balloon for adhesiolysis during the endoscopy (IESS). This device is designed and certified for use together with the Resascope video-guided catheter in the epidural space. In the distal part, it has a balloon that must be inflated with saline serum by activating the syringe found in the kit that we attach to the proximal part of the catheter with a Luer Lock.

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Characteristics and advantages

  • Greater balloon volume and firmness.
  • Latex free, biocompatible material.
  • The only catheter with balloon certified for use in the epidural space with market exclusivity.
  • Using the inflated balloon, Resaloon enables the dilation of the stenotic canal, opening and separating fibrotic adhesions at epidural level (adhesiolysis).
  • Also enables the detachment of pathological adhesions from the dura mater with the ligamenta flava, that generally collapse causing stenosis.
  • Allows the reduction of the saline solution introduced as well as clean expanding/cleaning the epidural canal, thus obtaining a notable improvement in the quality of the images.
  • The maximum diameter reached by the inflated balloon is 5 mm, larger than other similar tools, it is also manufactured with a material that offers greater resistance during the course of the technique.