Resaloon Catheter with Balloon for Epidural Use

The Resaloon instrument is a catheter with balloon for its use in spinal endoscopy.

In the distal part, it shows a balloon that must be inflated with serum, activating the syringe present at the proximal part of each catheter.

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  • Single catheter with balloon, certified for its use in the epidural space.
  • Opening action and cleaning of the epidural space.
  • Latex-free.
  • Greater volume and firmness of balloon.


  • The only one on the market to have an exclusive certificate for its use in the epidural space.
  • By means of the inflated balloon, Resaloon allows opening the stenotic space and separating epidural adherences, and moreover, it allows an expansion/cleaning of the epidural space, considerably improving the quality of the images.
  • Contains no latex, making the material biocompatible.
  • The maximum diameter reached by the inflated balloon is 5 mm, this being larger than other similar tools. In addition, it is manufactured with a material that offers greater resistance during the course of the technique.