The AngioSculpt device is indicate for the treatment of haemodynamically significant stenosis in coronary arteries, including atheroma plaque, calcifications, fibrotic lesions and intrastent restenosis, and its purpose is to improve myocardial perfusion.

This is a standard nylon semi-compliant balloon catheter with low crossing profile that incorporates three flexible Nitronol filaments coiled in a helicoid around it.


The nitinol filaments are electropolished and helically arranged around the balloon, generating zones of concentrated dilatation force that are evenly distributed along the balloon and at 360º of the arterial perimeter. This concentrated radial force optimises the efficiency of the device while maintaining the safety of the artery at all times. The dilatation is more predictable and controlled, which minimises the balloon’s potential to slip and facilitates the expansion of the stenotic coronary light.

The union between the balloon and the nitinol spiral element has been designed to be perfect throughout.

It presents a tapered tip with an entry profile that allows high navigability and the ability to cross the lesion.


The catheter is compatible with standard 0.36mm (0.014″) coronary guidewires and 6F guiding catheters.

The AngioSculpt device measures approximately 137 cm in length and is available in diameters from 2 to 3.5 mm in increases of 0.5 mm. The useful lengths of the vanishing element are 6, 10 and 15 mm.

The catheter is supplied sterile, protected with an inner guide and an outer plastic sheath that guarantees its protection. It is intended for a single use only.



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