The Optowire Deux is a hybrid pressure detection guide of Nitinol and stainless steel, positionable with an optical pressure sensor installed closer to the opaque point, with 3.5 cm radius.

The Optowire Deux is used together with the Opsens Optomonitor system in order to measure blood pressure. The Optowire Deux is supplied pre-connected to the Optowire cable together with a torsion device. Moreover, it is delivered together with an additional gauge factor connector. The Optowire cable and connector for ref. F1011 are unique for each Optowire. The Optowire Deux is non-pyrogenic and for single use, and delivered sterile.


The Optowire deux has the characteristic of behaving like a standard work guide, with a very precise torque, great support and navigability.

Due to the design of its connector, it has the ability to be connected and disconnected as many times as necessary without suffering any changes caused by humidity or temperature.

Highly reliable pressure reading due to its sensor.

It is a hydrophilic guide.


The Optowire Deux is a guide that consists of:

  • Hybrid guide of nitinol and stainless steel, so it behaves like a standard work guide with a precise torque, high performance and navigability, without losing support capacity.
  • Fibre optic sensor that does not undergo any changes due to the environment or external conditions – such as blood or twisting of the guide. Its connector is also fibre optic. It allows you to measure the values of Pressure Guide with maximum reliability during the whole procedure.